Escape The Noise Of Social Media
   Social Media only brings stress to everyone's life. The constant glances to your cellphones to see what others are doing or talking about can leave you exhaused at the end of the day. Bulletin boards provide a retro-computing experience that's simple and refreshing. Step away from the noise of the internet and your mobile devices and try something DIFFERENT. Telnet to Ink Two BBS today!

   The crazy cool ANSI ART shown on the top of this page was drawn by Tainted of Blocktronics. Be on the lookout for his latest masterpieces in Blocktronics, Sauna, Lazarus, iMPURE, and Legacy Krew packs.

- Lawrence Manuel (aka Smooth)

Chat with other logon users from other BBSes with MRChat by Stackfault of Phenom Productions.

LIVE MRChat Stats

These STATS are being pulled LIVE from iNk tWO BBS. Join in and see what everyone is talking about.
kgmcneil: Wow.. the graphic work here is fantastic... Ascii magic
iNoNaMouSe: I came. I saw. I confused.
paulie420: greetZ from 2oFB - ink2bucks is l00king rad dude. w00t!
djatropine: GreeETinGZ
codefenix: What's up, good people?
djatropine: h4ey kidz what time is love?
teleko: lookin' for some wet blocks! -tv
Ratz: Taco Tuesday is my jam, can you dig it (crunch, crunch)
aNACHRONiST: aBSiNTHE sez: what it did yo
cat: 1T'5 4 P5YCH0B1LLY PHR34K0UT
baud: woodchucks dont actually chuck wood
MaxMouse: Hello from Hypernode! Thank-you Smooth for a dope BBS!
disconnex: Greetings from Operation Ivy
shinobi: greetz tt++ #session rud 1701 unun the ghost
Smooth: It's 96 degrees in the shade... Real HOT in the shade..
ignatius: catch 22 (daydream) :: port 26
dr@g0n: Knock, knock, knockin @ yo door! *NEW

// Welcome to the Official Website of Ink Two BBS...

   Welcome to the official website of Ink Two BBS. Today is and it's a good time to be telneting to one of the sweetest looking bulletin boards in the Underground Scene. Ink Two BBS is located in the heart of Covina, California and run by Lawrence Manuel (aka Smooth). We're running the latest version of Mystic BBS Software (version v1.12 a48). It's one of the most robust telnet-capable Bulletin Board Systems developed by James Coyle.

Ink Two BBS is running out of Covina, California.

   It wasn't till mid 2013 after my son Gabriel was born that I launched Ink 2 BBS. This new Bulletin Board System is housed in an HP Intel Core Duo (I3) computer running a 32bit version of Windows 10. I decided to run Mystic Bulletin Board Software as it was one of the more popular packages that sysops were running and had one of the most robust and user-friendly feature sets. This would allow endless possiblities in customization and expandiblity. Mystic BBS software has continually evolved throughout the past years and the BBS community has grown because of it.

   It's currently running on a blazing fast fiber internet connection provided by Frontier Communications with a total storage capacity of 3 terabytes. There are many door games to play and several message networks available to join online discussions.

// How can I connect to Ink Two BBS?
   What do I need to download and install to connect to Ink Two BBS? There are a couple of different software options that you can choose from. Ink Two BBS has custom ANSI/ASCII textmode artwork (recommended:CP437 compatible) that is best viewed by terminal software that supports it.

// ANSI Terminal Clients:

Listed below are the most current releases of the most popular ANSI telnet clients. Select the ANSI terminal software that is compatible with your Operating System. Be sure to store your login information in the BBS directory of your terminal software client as many of us use different passwords on different bulletin boards.